Many firms like yours are implementing Dubsado. They are tackling their workflows, entering them into this system, and reaping the rewards at the end. Have you joined them on this adventure??

Some of you are answering yes while cursing me at the same time. And some of you are saying no, while also cursing at me at the same time. 

That leads me to the question, “Is Dubsado confusing you?”. 

Dubsado can be confusing to many people, and I feel your pain! But I still think your business can really benefit from this system! Don’t worry, I am not all talk and no action. I’m going to share 5 tips that will make Dubsado less confusing for you and your team!

5 Tips to Make Dubsado Less Confusing for Your Firm

  1. Don’t Look at Dubsado as a One Size Fits All Solution

When you are implementing Dubsado in your firm, you must realize that you need to set it up to best fit your business. This will take a little digging and work, because you will need to look beyond the basics. 

You must decide which features you want to use. Once you know which features you are using, you will need to set them up to work with your workflow. It may take a little tweaking before you get everything exactly the way you want it for your firm. 

  1. Create Templates in Dubsado

Do you find yourself writing the same emails over and over again? Well, you don’t need to if you take the time to create templates in Dubsado. These templates can be used for any content that you rewrite for all of your clients. 

The best part about these templates is you can make changes to them before sending them out. You have an opportunity to personalize each one!

  1. Determine How Complex Your Workflow is

If your firm has a really complex workflow, you will need to spend more time setting it up. Failure to take the time to properly set up your workflow will show when you start using it. 

Do not set up your workflow halfway and hope for the best. It won’t benefit you and it will drive yourself, your clients, and your team nuts! 

  1. Choose Your Pace

Some people will sit down to set up their workflow in Dubsado and won’t stop working until it is complete. Others will choose to spend an hour a day setting everything up until it is done. 

You need to do you! And you need to make sure no other part of your business is suffering while you are implementing this new system. So, my recommendation is to choose your pace when setting up Dubsado in your firm. 

  1. Always Do Test Runs!!

Whenever you are setting up something new in your business, you have to test it! These test runs will allow you to see how the system is working. This is a wonderful opportunity to see if you missed a step in your workflow. It is also another chance to look for spelling errors and other mistakes. 

To do a test run, you simply input your email into the system. Dubsado will then send out information according to your workflow guidelines. This is also a perfect opportunity to practice using Dubsado! 

Whatever you do, DO NOT skip over a test run! Ever!

These 5 tips will make Dubsado less confusing for your firm. They may even save you a little time because you will be paying more attention to what you are doing instead of thinking about the stress you are feeling. Another timesaver is to automate your monthly statement reminders. Click here to learn how!