Do you currently have any systems in place to control #allthethings in your firm? Or are you winging it, while hoping you don’t drop the ball and disappoint a client? Or worse yet, lose a client or two… I hear you! Running a firm can be hard work and you don’t have time to set up anything, as you are performing the work for your clients. 

But, let me let you in on a little secret….

Creating a system, or using a program like Dubsado, will allow you to focus on your clients, give them more than you are now, and save you time. Dubsado will allow you to invoice, communicate, and even tackle project management with ease. 

Who could possibly ask for anything more??

So now, let’s get into the real reasons why you must add Dubsado to your growing firm. 

6 Reasons to Add Dubsado to Your Growing Firm

  1. Manage Everything in One Spot

Are you tired of small pieces of paper floating all over your desk? Do you get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the emails and then trying to find that one piece of communication when you need it? 

Dubsado makes it easy to manage every detail in one spot! No more phone calls to confirm what you need to know. No more back and forth on emails that get lost. And no more sticky notes stuck on the wall that will fall down before you are ready to check them off of your list.

  1. Nothing Will Fall Through the Cracks Again

Missing something that a client needs to know about or forgetting to do one step out of many on a list of things to do happens to everyone. However, you don’t want those same mistakes to happen time and time again. Clients don’t like it when things go wrong. 

Dubsado will make sure that nothing falls through the cracks again! This program will list out what you need to do, or what your team needs to do, in the order it needs to be completed. You can even see what items have not been checked off at the end of every day. 

And the best part is the fact Dubsado will save you time! You will never need to lose precious minutes thinking of what your next step is or worry if you have forgotten something.

  1. Create a Lead Capture Form

All the marketing you are doing to find clients can be time consuming. Especially if you have nowhere for those potential clients to go to fill out a form to connect with you. Dubsado will allow you to create a lead capture form, so you know more about a potential client before you even get on the phone with them. This will allow you to weed out clients that will not fit your business model. 

  1. Create All Types of Proposals, Forms, and Contracts

Dubsado offers all sorts of examples for creating proposals, forms, and contracts. This means you can set up the ones you use the most and send them out without any extra work from you. Plus, you can tweak any of them to create exactly what you need in no time at all. It’s all about easy with Dubsado, so you can focus on those parts of your business you love the most. 

  1. Online Schedule Option

There is an online schedule option with Dubsado that you must utilize to make setting up discovery calls and other appointments with clients. A potential client can simply click the link on your website to set up a meeting. Dubsado will then send out all the necessary meeting info to the client, while alerting you to the upcoming meeting. There are no emails for you to send and no links for you to deal with. That is all done automatically once you set it up in the system. 

  1. Make More Money and Have More Clients

Since you will have so much more time available after you implement Dubsado, you will be able to accept more clients. This will mean more money for your firm and no extra time working. 

These are six reasons to add Dubsado to your growing firm. However, I know you will find so many more positives once you have Dubsado up and running. Then you can use all of your free time to enhance other areas of your firm, as you work on all of those ideas that have been churning in your head for quite some time!
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