Having a virtual team doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful business. There are so many successful businesses out there that employ remote workers. While there are so many reasons why those businesses are thriving, I want to share how implementing one system can help your firm thrive with the help of your virtual team. 

ClickUp is a system that allows you to create tasks and workflows and then assign them to your virtual team. It has been a game-changer for many businesses, including mine. And I know it can also be a game-changer for your firm. 

Benefits of Using ClickUp for Your Virtual Team

1. Shareable Data

As a virtual team, everyone needs to be aware of what other team members have been accomplishing and working on. Thankfully, ClickUp created a system that will allow everyone on your virtual team to see what other people have going on. Everyone can access client information, due dates, and so much more. 

2. Higher Levels of Accountability

Those weekly phone call meetings where people would say they were finished with their work will be a thing of the past once you implement ClickUp in your firm. While those meetings were supposed to hold everyone accountable, we both know they didn’t work too well! 

ClickUp will allow you, and other members of your team, to see what work has been completed and when it was completed. It will also show you who hasn’t done their work and who is holding up the person waiting to complete the next task. 

There won’t be any more finger pointing in the future, only higher levels of accountability. And that will take your firm to the next level!

3. Amazing Communication

Lost emails, phone tag, and unanswered text messages will also be long gone when you begin to use ClickUp. This system offers amazing communication that will pop right up on the screen and stay there until it is answered. Have a question about an account? Send a message over and be notified when a response has been given. 

4. Less Stress

Your virtual team, and yourself, will feel less stressed when your firm begins to use ClickUp. Since everyone will know what they should be working on, no one will feel like they are not in the know or missing out on anything. And I guarantee as the owner of the firm, you will feel less stress because you won’t feel like you are juggling #allthethings and hoping not to drop them all! 

These are 4 of the benefits of using ClickUp for your virtual team. But once you start using this system, you are going to find so many more benefits. Since every firm and business is different, ClickUp offers benefits that are not one-size-fits-all. So, while the four listed above are one-size-fits-all, I can’t wait for you to see which ones are geared more for your team. 
Are you ready to start using ClickUp in your business? Click here to get a free copy of my ClickUp guide.