Gain control of your time, book more clients and be more profitable – without the added stress.

No more responding to client emails at ungodly hours of the night.
No more feeling like you’re constantly drowning in your daily to-do list.
No more wondering where the heck this mysterious “time freedom” is that other business owners keep raving about.

From this point on, better systems will change everything for you.

pop question:

What would 5 extra clients mean for you?

I’ve asked this same question to many of my 1:1 clients, and while they’d LOVE to book five new clients this month, most of them feared it would literally break them! 

How could they possibly *efficiently* onboard five new clients in the same month, while still managing their current workload AND still having some time for their family? 

It just couldn’t be done. 

Too many tasks, not enough time. 

Aka, the plight of every over-worked, over-stressed business owner!

If only you had systems in place, instead of…

 → Losing WAY too many hours on manual tasks. The time you’re taking to draft those “quick” emails, invoices, questionnaires, etc. for your bookkeeping and accounting clients is adding up faster than you think – and you can never get it back.

→ Feeling like the hamster wheel never stops. You’ve got a million items on your daily to-do list – and yet, you often feel like you got nothing done. (How’s THAT work?) Again, where is all this “time freedom” that people keep talking about?

→ Secretly cringing every time you sign a new client. You’re so excited to serve them, but you know that each new client means a whole new set of onboarding tasks. Just when you thought you saw a glimpse of whitespace on your calendar …

→ Losing money. You have ZERO room for big-picture thinking to help scale your business with more ease and flow. How can you think of future passive income ideas (let alone, create them) when you can barely see past the day in front of you?


Every single business owner has been in your position.

And if they say they haven’t, they’re straight-up lying.

It’s only natural that you might be doing a bunch of manual tasks in your business, because that was just part of getting started. You had jobs to do, and you got ‘em done! You even wore your busyness like a badge of honor.

But now, you realize it’s time to step into your CEO role.

It’s time to systemize, streamline, and automate your business so you’re not constantly in the weeds, working yourself to death, just to generate income.

It’s time to get back your time – and reclaim your nights and weekends – so you can have breathing room to grow your business in big, exciting ways!



You’ve got a great foundation.

You offer a service that people want and need, and you do your job well. 

(Not just well, but exceptionally well!)


That’s why you’ve never struggled to fill up your calendar. 

If anything, your filled-up calendar IS the struggle.


You’ve got more bookkeeping and accounting clients than you can currently manage, and it’s starting to take its toll on you.


Enter the beauty of business systems and automations. 

With proper systems in place, you can take on just as many clients – or even add some to your roster – and feel LESS stress.


So, are you ready for a simpler way to generate more income?

Your life before a DubsUp:

Your life after DubsUp:



DubsUp is our signature online course + VIP experience that teaches you how to systemize, automate, and scale your business the easy way using our favorite tools, ClickUp and Dubsado.

Worried you won’t have time to complete a course?

Then hang around a bit longer to see how we can set everything up FOR you!

Also, this isn’t just about getting you started with Dubsado and ClickUp. 

You’ll also learn things like how to package and price your services, streamline your sales process, market your business without exhaustion, grow your team, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Grab your favorite bevvy, get comfy, and settle in for five comprehensive modules to help you simplify and scale your business.


Module 1

Free Up the CEO

The first step to simplifying your business is to create time and space for you to work on your systems and processes. Just like building a house, you need a strong foundation so you always have something to fall back on when life or business gets busy.

$297 VALUE

Module 2

Automate Your Onboarding with Dubsado

Now that we have your schedule under control and have already given you back 5 hours per week, just in module one, it’s time to kick it up a notch.

$697 VALUE


Module 3

Streamline Your Client Work

Your lack of systems and documented processes is making your workdays longer, limiting the time you have to book more clients. This is costing you time, money, and maybe even more!

$997 VALUE

Module 4

Uplevel Your Marketing

Now that your systems are all set up, it’s time to open the flood gates.  Let’s systemize your marketing so we don’t fill up your newly created free time learning new dance moves for Instagram Reels.  Or posting to your Stories five times a day.

$997 VALUE

Module 5

Scale Your Team

Ready to scale your business by hiring a team? Whether your plan is to grow your team or stay a solopreneur, we’ll help you systemize the rest of your business.

$497 VALUE

Plus All of the Bonuses...

Enroll now and you’ll also get these bonus trainings totally FREE!

6 One-Click Import Forms and Proposal Templates

These One Click Dubsado Templates are perfect to get your bookkeeping, accounting or financial coaching business up and running in no time with the amazing Dubsado CRM (client relationship management). This bonus includes 6 templates that you can use with your clients throughout your entire process. With these brand new one-click templates, you can simply ADD these templates to your own Dubsado account without spending hours building them! ~ $497 Value

20 Canned Email Templates

20 Pre-Written Email Scripts to Automate Your Entire Onboarding Process and Help You Tackle Any Tricky Client Situations. ~ $97 Value

20 SOP Templates (Including ClickUp Templates)

Skip having to document all of these processes and start delegating immediately with my Checklist and SOP templates.  Customize them to fit your business and you are ready to roll.  These will save you sooooo much time!  You can add them to your client management tool or keep within their Google Doc formatting. ~ $597 Value

Delegate Your Email Inbox

In this bonus training, I will show you how to hire a Virtual Assistant and outsource your email inbox.  This bonus is a member favorite and it includes training you can provide to your Virtual Assitant so you don’t even need to train them! ~ $297 Value

12 Month Access to Our Private Community

An inside community of high-level peers is critical to your success if you’re serious about scaling your business. ~ $444 Value

12 Month Access to Live Q&A Calls

Receive exclusive access to me (seriously, ask me ANYTHING) during bi-monthly LIVE group coaching calls, designed to address your unique challenges as you simplify and scale your business. ~ $2,000 Value

Unlimited Work Critiques

This bonus is perfect for non-tech-savvy members.  Worried you are not setting something up correctly?  Need someone to double-check your workflow?  Submit your work for critique and I’ll review it and send you my feedback via Loom video. ~ $1,000 Value

That’s a Total Value of over $4,932

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Hey there, I'm Corinne

Tech expert, margarita lover, and fellow business owner.

I’m also a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM), but most people’s eyes glaze over when I mention this. (Don’t worry; I don’t take it personally!)

Being an OBM gave me the expertise to streamline my own business so that I could go from a place of being overworked and overwhelmed to adopting repeatable systems to simplify my daily routine. Growing my client roster tenfold was also a great perk!

Today, I love helping bookkeeping and accounting clients like YOU get past their tech fears and implement time-saving, stress-reducing business systems. Sure, “systems” may not sound super sexy, but if you like the idea of more time freedom and financial abundance, then our System Setup Days are just what you need!


You've got questions? We have answers!

Yes!  You get access to the current version of the course and all future updates.

While you could apply these methods to other programs, ClickUp and Dubsado are the only programs we will be teaching.

We understand things come up or sometimes you just changed your mind.  Regardless of the reason, if you did not access any portion of the course AND request a refund, in writing via email within 72 hours of registration (email notification sent) we will provide you with a no questions asked refund. There will be no refunds once the course has been accessed in any manner.


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