Do you find yourself taking multiple steps in your firm to get things done when you should be taking less steps? Are you getting frustrated with your team, because things are getting lost amongst all of the emails? 

I feel your pain! I was spending hours checking things off of multiple lists until I discovered that life was much easier with ClickUp. 

ClickUp has a ton of features. That’s the good news. And guess what? The better news is you get to choose which features you want to use for your firm. There is no bad news either, because all of those features you don’t want, you can always start using them if you decide you need them! 

Everything You Need to Know About ClickUp

I could go on and on with everything you need to know about ClickUp. However, I thought we should start with all of the features. Once you know about the features, you will begin to see why ClickUp is such a wonderful system to implement in your firm. 

Checklist Templates

Do you use the same checklist for all of your clients? And yet, do you find yourself creating that checklist over and over again? You won’t need to waste your time doing that when you use the checklist templates in ClickUp. The best part is you can create recurring checklists too. This means you can use the same checklist month after month, or week after week, and it will pop up automatically for you each time. 

Create Task Dependencies

Some tasks are required for some clients, while others are not. On ClickUp, you can use the task dependencies feature to either link tasks together or block some from being completed. 

Custom Statuses

ClickUp is full of custom statuses that you can use to customize your workflow. There are plenty of statuses to choose from and you can create your own as well. 

Assign Tasks to Multiple People

Now, I know you are not doing all of the work on your own in your firm if you have a team working with you. Or you better not be! The multiple assignees feature will allow you to assign a task to multiple people. 


You will never need to worry about lost emails ever again with the comments section on ClickUp. It is easy for anyone to assign a comment and the receiver can respond immediately. Either person can also mark the comment as complete, depending on who is the last person to see the final response. 

People Sidebar

Do you dislike trying to find the contact information to send a team member a specific task? ClickUp makes it easy by providing a people sidebar for you to use! You can easily assign tasks or see what is on your list of things to do for the day. 


Long gone are the sticky notes filled with your goals that are scattered all over your office. Simply pull up the goal section in ClickUp to create, monitor, and manage all of the goals you have for your firm. 

Workload Chart

It will be so easy to see which items your team has checked off of their lists and to see which items are still pending when you pull up the workload chart. This is an easy way to see if a team member is struggling or simply needs a little more work to fill their workday. 


Everyone needs reminders every now and then, especially when they are busy! ClickUp solves this dilemma by sending out reminders that you pre-set. No one will forget a deadline ever again when you have these reminders in place. 

Prioritize Tasks

When you are entering tasks into ClickUp, you can easily prioritize them in order of importance. ClickUp will then remember those tasks that are the most important and show them to you in the Priorities section. 

View All Tasks

You may never want to view all of the tasks on your to-do list, but ClickUp makes it easy to do with their View All Tasks feature. When you are viewing all of these tasks, you can easily rearrange their order or simply filter and sort accordingly. 

These are only some of the features available on ClickUp. And while they will give you an idea of everything you must know about ClickUp, you may still feel as if you are missing out on a few details. 

The basics of what you must know for ClickUp includes the fact that you can use this system for so much in your firm. The best part is ClickUp will grow with your needs too, so you won’t be setting up a new system anytime in the future. 

ClickUp has a goal to make your life easier! Simply select the features you want to begin using, input the information, and then watch how much time you are saving every single day. Of course, you and your team will be much more productive as well, because no one will need to think about what they need to do next. You can all look at your tasks on ClickUp and see the next to-do item on your list. 
Are you ready to implement ClickUp in your firm? Click here for my easy-to-use ClickUp Guide.